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NxtGen PPF

Advanced HYDROPHILLIC technology on the surface of the film enables the charged molecules to withstand the toughest driving environments with leading industry standard 10 year warranty

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Industry Leading HYDROPHILLIC technology

NextGen Paint Protection Film is a high peformance new generation of PPF containing an advanced anti-corrosion coating with HYDROPHILIC properties able to repel dirt and salt from the charged molecules on the surface. At 186 microns thick the self healing clear coat barrier adds extra shine whilst protecting against damage caused by stone chips, light scratches, bird droppings and generally protects the paintwork underneath from fading as well as prolonging its lifespan. Easy to apply, slick and smooth installation guaranteed all with 10 year warranty included

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Total Product Thickness 73mil 186 Microns Micronmeter
Top Coating layer 0.4mil 11 Microns Micronmeter
Substrate 5.9mil 150 Microns +-5 Micronmeter
Glue Layer 1.0mil 25 Microns +-2 Micronmeter
Release Liner 3.7mil 93 Microns Micronmeter
Adhesion (Peel Strenght) 70oz/in (804N/m) ASTM D3330
Tensile Strength 9500psi (59 Mpa) ASTM D638-10
Tear Strenght 650 pli 89.3 kg/cm ASTM D624-00 (2007)
Elongation at Break >450% ASTM D638-10 -
Maximum Use Temperature 240 F 116C -
Abrasion Resistance Taber Abrasion Test No Wear -
Chemical Resistance Isopropyl Alcohol Test No Damage -
Chemical Resistance Ethane/Toluene Test No Damage -
Aging/Weatherability QUA 3200h No Damage -
Thermal Effect 70C 3200h No Damage -
Stone Crushing Resistance Stone Crushing Resistance Pass -