3% IR Pro Series
3% IR Pro Series


3% IR Pro Series

Sale price£89.95
Size:1m x 10m
3% IR Pro Series

VLT 3%
UVR 99.0%
IRR 86.0%%
TSER 95%
Thickness 2mil
Non metalized
2 Ply
This premium IR Pro Seies range of nano carbon ceramic blend automotive film is a new cutting edge formula of window tint combining both ceramic and carbon particles to share the commitment to protect the cars occupants and interior
The science behind this film is the ability to shrink the carbon particles down to a nano scale which in turn provides enhanced visibility and glossy appearance of a pure ceramic film as carbon particles are decreased down to a nano scale  producing a film that looks and lasts longer than a standard carbon film whilst keeping the glossy appearance and anti glare functions of pure ceramic with remarkable heat rejection/retention benefits throughout the entire range range
Colour stable, non metalized and anti scratch functions are all included and most importantly for any installer out there the easy shrinkability of this film will be an advantage to any business all whilst maintaining an affordable cost

Top of the line professional grade window film are the result of a single-source, vertically integrated manufacturing process. Simply put, that means IR Pro Series films are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, ISO-9001:2016 certified facility