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Pro Tint Chameleon

Show screen

Sale price£37.95
Window Tint Show Screen
30.5cm x 23.5cm

Introducing our innovative solution to assist customers in choosing the perfect color or shade for their vehicle tinting needs: our mini windscreens are perfect for showcasing your chameleon and tint shades. These miniature replicas provide a tangible and interactive way for customers to explore and compare various color options and tint shades, all in one convenient display.

With these mini windscreens, customers can easily visualize how different colors and shades will look on their vehicle's windows. Whether they're considering a vibrant chameleon effect or a subtle tint shade, our display allows them to see the possibilities firsthand, helping them make confident decisions that suit their style and preferences.

Not only do these mini windscreens aid in the decision-making process, but they also present a prime opportunity for upselling. By showcasing the full spectrum of options available, from striking chameleon colors to varying degrees of tint darkness, customers may be inspired to explore premium or customized options they hadn't previously considered.

Attractively presented and thoughtfully designed, our mini windscreens serve as an engaging tool to enhance the customer experience and drive sales. Empower your customers to find the perfect color or shade with ease, all while opening the door to exciting upselling opportunities.

Please note that different windscreen manufacturers can have a slight tint to them already and the colour displayed on the show screen could show slightly different after the fitting on the vehicle