IR 66 Protection
IR 66 Protection
IR 66 Protection


IR 66 Protection

Sale price£59.95
Size:1m x 2m
IR 66 Clear Ceramic 
VLT 82.0%
UVR 99.0%
IRR 66%
TSER 39%
Thickness 2mil

Pro Tint IR 66 series range is a clear ceramic/carbon window film with an impressive 66% IRR heat rejection film blocking 99% of harmful UV rays 
With all the benefits of a dark window film whilst being totally clear for those wanting the protection without a darkened appearance the IR series will protect and cool its occupants against the dangerous UVB rays from the sun
Easily shrinkable the IR series is for use on the windscreen as well as side and rear windows of vehicles
Up to 50 percent of UVA radiation can penetrate the glass in your car and reach your exposed skin. In the U.S., melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers are more common on the left side, since drivers are most directly exposed through a window on their left side, and drivers are more common than passengers
A campaign to warn motorists about the dangers of skin damage while driving in the sunshine has been launched. A dermatologist from skin cancer charity Melanoma UK said many people did not realise they were at risk even if the windows were closed
Please note that different car manufacturers glass can vary in VLT and it is solely down to you the customer to check that UK law requirements are made once the film is installed. Pro Tint are not responsible for any legal repercussions for the installation of film if it does not comply with the legal requirements. Samples are available for testing requirements